Frequently Asked Questions
The main feature of this site is for people to find other people. We have determined that there are certain characteristics that people search for the most. Age, Height, Weight, Race, Sexual Orientation, Marital Status and Play Preference are the key things that people search for... With that in mind, we decided to make those profile items required. If you fill all of those out, you won't get the message to fill out your profile anymore.
The most common reason this happens is because your pictures are too big. Try to resize them to fit into a 480x480 box before you upload them. If you continue to have problems please send an email to Support
You may have noticed that a new feature of the site is a little section that says if you are looking for Single Males, Single Females or Couples. This section is determined by what you set under Edit Profile » You are seeking: . Just check the boxes next to who you are loooking for and it will show correctly on your profile and elsewhere.
We don't allow email addresses for the protection of the members and the club. Email addresses can be used to identify members if you have the right resources. Most people don't know this... but banks and other large corporations like that have access to immense databases they use for marketing purposes. You never know who might have access to that database and what they might do with information that can identify the members... we would rather just not allow it. The internal messaging system works good... it will email you anytime you get a message. If you want to exchange pictures you can do that by adding yahoo to your account so that people can message you... you can also send them your yahoo id.
The Club Nexxus site and the forum are actually 2 different programs that we have tried our best to integrate together. Sometimes the forum thinks you are logged out and will only show you the sections of the forum that are only shown to guests (people who aren't logged in). In order to see the forum... just logout and log back in. You may have to delete your cookies and cache and then restart your browser.
If you are a Deluxe Member you can give anyone (Free or Deluxe members) access to your private gallery by adding them as a friend and then go to Account >> View Your Friends List check the box next to their profile and click "Update Access".
Go to Account >>  Edit Account Settings and scroll down until you see "Block Single Males". Check that box and Click "Save Account Settings". When you block single males or single females they can't see your profile in browse or search and they are prevented from sending you emails.
Club Nexxus uses Adobe Flash for all pictures on the site in order to prevent people from saving your pictures to their computers. If you get this message it means that you need to install or upgrade the Adobe Flash Player on your computer. You can obtain the Adobe Flash Player from
Club Nexxus uses Adobe Flash for all pictures on the site in order to prevent people from saving your pictures to their computers. If you have this problem it means that you need to install or upgrade the Adobe Flash Player on your computer. You can obtain the Adobe Flash Player from
Currently, if someone is online, when you view their profile it will say next to their nickname. You can also go to Who's Online and see who is currently browsing the site.
If you are interested in using this feature you just go to My Settings and do the following:

Check the box next to "SMS Message Notification:"
Select Your Mobile Carrier
Enter your mobile phone #
Click "Save Account Settings"

The feature is disabled by default... so if you don't want this feature you don't have to do anything.
The "Browse" section of the site is essentially just search results that you get by setting your default search preferences under Account >> Edit Search Preferences. You can use these settings to customize who you see when you are browsing profiles. NOTE: The profiles in the "Browse" section are sorted by distance from your address.
Send an email to admin [at] and we will post it here as well as reply to your email.
Tips to improve your Club Nexxus experience
Add a profile picture if you don't have one. People are more motivated to look at profiles with pictures on them. They don't have to be face pictures...
Don't expect everyone to respond to your emails. If you don't get a response... email someone else. Eventually, you will get a response.
Fill out your whole profile. The more information you provide... the easier it is for people to identify with your profile.
Don't try to have sex with everyone you meet. Most people like to get to know you first. Make friends and see what happens.
Be respectful. Being flirty is completely different than being vulgar. Don't assume that people want to hear dirty talk or be sexual right up front. There are some people who like to just have sexual encounters... but the vast majority are looking to make friends who they feel comfortable enough to explore fantasies with. Bottom line is... get to know who you are dealing with before you cross that line.
Be positive. As a general rule, the most successful people that we have met are people who have a positive view of others and themselves. Being positive is the #1 way to improve your life and it is a huge factor in whether people are attracted to you. Almost everyone we talk to has said that a great personality is the #1 reason they hook up with others. Most people aren't Ken and Barbie and even Ken and Barbie can be a turnoff if their attitude sucks. Don't worry... be happy... enjoy the life you have and appreciate yourself for who you are. If you can do that you will reap alot of rewards in life and make alot of friends in this lifestyle.
If you are a single male... The best way to meet people is to present your personality on your profile... not how big your cock is or how long you can fuck... or what YOUR fantasy is. The key to building relationships as a single male is to make friends and to realize that you are fulfilling THEIR fantasy... not yours. This is KEY to being a successful single male in the lifestyle. If they want to know how big your cock is... they will ask.
Attend Carolina Friends events or visit The Estate. Once you start building some real world relationships, you will find it's easier to meet new people on Club Nexxus.